Scuff Zine Vol.6

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Under/rated with MASH zine
Big Bookstores and The Lost Art of Collecting Albums by RAM CPU
CCTV Church Interview
David Boring Interview
Boredoms and Beyondems: The Neutral Listener and Avoiding Over-analysis
How to Make a Tin Can Mic by Toneless Gear
Musings and Meanderings

Covering multiple different topics and genres, this edition of Scuff includes a conversation with the mighty David Boring of Hong Kong, discussing some of the themes of their recent output.

We also talk to CCTV Church wizard Kieran Cook about his surveillance photo project and much more.

Some great guest writers feature including RAM CPU as he explores the differences between how he engaged with purchasing music in the past to know and the implications this has on our experience.

And a handy piece by Toneless Gear on how to create a Tin Can Mic. Brilliant stuff and a great introduction to soldering/DIY effects.

There are also contributions from MASH zine, art by grapefruitshotgun and fellow zinester looseendzine along with musings from readers/followers of the project. This is of course sandwiched between the usual Scuff Boy ramblings and philosophising.

If you couldn't tell this is by far the biggest and most collaborative zine to date.

Printed on recycled paper with a Scuff Yellow sleeve band.